A fulfilling career is more than a job

The hard work, dedication and patience from our talented bunch of people has allowed us to provide paediatric and adult audiology services at the highest standard for more than 50 years. Our shared passion drives everyone towards a common goal, and makes the day-to-day as rewarding as ever.
At Dilworth, we’ve always been clear on what the common goal is: to deliver patient care that’s of the highest standard, all the way through diagnostics and rehabilitation, auditory processing disorder assessments, cortical and auditory neuropathy assessments and cochlear implant rehabilitation services. Doing so, with the help of our talented team, ensures we’re the first choice for ENT specialists and GP referrals in New Zealand.
Being part of the Amplifon Group also provides opportunities all over the world, offering our people the chance to learn, grow or simply expand their horizons. Because, having our people learning the skills and applying the lessons to achieve the career they want is totally worth it.

Discover where your career can go

Working in Audiology
Doing a test and fitting the appropriate hearing aid is not the end of the story at Dilworth Hearing. Achieving clinical excellence requires a complex approach that, followed properly, ensures we remain at the forefront of clinical best practice and use the latest scientific evidence as the basis of our work. Our audiologists and clinical staff are expertly trained and chosen for their genuine desire to provide clients with the best service and quality of care.
Other roles in Audiology
Audiologists and clinical staff members are vital to Dilworth Hearing, but they’re not the only ones. Customer service, finance, clinic support and many other types of roles exist here, too. If you have the right skills and a great attitude, there’s a place for you.

Working in New Zealand

There’s a reason New Zealand ranks consistently high on quality of life surveys — the work-life balance here is envied all over the world. The striking beauty of the landscape and warm hospitality of the people make it a wonderful place to call ‘home’. Whether you’re looking for a sea-change, or you’re trying to find the perfect place to start a career and a family, Dilworth Hearing in New Zealand is the place to do it.
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World-class benefits to match the talent

Find the right kind of support

We’re here to help you be your best, every single day. Making sure you’re communicating effectively with your manager, setting regular goals, identifying growth areas and looking at potential opportunities you might fancy are an important part of our process. So you can continue to grow and deliver the excellent work we know you’re capable of.

But the support doesn’t end when you walk out the door. We’re a family-friendly company and offer our staff parental leave benefits and flexible options for returning to work – so you feel supported, no matter which stage you’re at.

Feel rewarded in every way
It’s important to make sure you’re properly rewarded for the work you do. At Dilworth Hearing, the benefits are more than just competitive base salaries and variable remuneration for clinic roles.

Here are some of the amazing benefits we offer to our staff:

  • Kiwisaver: When you opt in, we also contribute 3% of your base salary into your Kiwisaver.
  • Southern Cross Health insurance: our group scheme gives you access to discounted health insurance for you and your family
  • EAP Services: All our staff have access to the Employment Assistance Program which provides support services with personal difficulties and/or work-related problems.
Celebrate your achievements

We appreciate the success of our hard-working and driven people and make sure we show it by celebrating our high achievers.

Whether it’s the ongoing recognition of important milestones, rewards for excellent performance or even share rights for our highest achievers, we try our very best to give you back as much as you put in. And in many cases, so much more.


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